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Top Sights of Warsaw New Town

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The New Town (Nowe Miasto), originally called New Warsaw, dates back to the 14th century. Till 1791 it had its own separate status with the town hall, the city council, a parish church and a few monastery churches. Nowadays, the New Town (Nowe Miasto) is one of Warsaw's districts. Its picturesque churches and houses, carefully renovated after World War II, attract both locals and tourists alike.

As seen from the Vistula River, the New Town attracts the eye with its numerous towers, spires and cloistered gardens situated along the Vistula River embankments. All these elements of the magnificent panorama of the Old Town are parts of the churches and monastery buildings this district of Warsaw abounds in. As many as eight churches are situated here. Thus, the New Town can also be referred to as the Town of Churches.

Seeing all of the historical buildings and churches of the New Town would be quite tiring and time-consuming. Thus, major sights which are definitely worth having a glance at have been listed below.

Top Churches of the New Town

As far as the churches of the New Town are concerned, St. Jacek's and St. Casimir's Churches are regarded as the most touristically attractive ones.

St. Jacek's Church, adjacent to Warsaw's largest monastery, was erected in the Gothic style in 1639. Its side nave with the vaulted ceiling decorated with the stucco works is worth seeing. The church is also famous for the marble tombs of the Kotowskis designed by Tylman of Gameren. This renowned Dutch architect is also renowned as the designer of St. Casimir's Church. Situated in the New Town Market Square, the church is easily distinguishable thanks to its green-domed roof. The original interior of this late-Baroque church abounded in frescoes. Nowadays, it is plain white. Of note is the tombstone of King Jan III Sobieski\'s granddaughter decorated with the elements of the royal coat of arms.

Top Attractions of Freta Street

The New Town Market Square used to have a town hall in its centre. Nowadays, the centrepieces are St. Casimir's Church and a historic 19th century well near the junction with the its main thoroughfare – Freta Street. This street is lined with numerous cafes, restaurants ans antique shops has its own charm. However, the street has more to offer to tourists. At 5 Freta Street one can visit the Asia and Pacific Museum, whereas at 16 Freta Street there is a museum dedicated to Marie Sklodowska – Curie. It is here that this internationally renowned scientist, discoverer of two radioactive elements, two Nobel Prizes winner was born.

Top Historic Monument of the New Town

Memorial to the Heroes of the Warsaw Uprising, unveiled in 1989, commemorates those who lost their lives fighting the Nazis in 1944. The bronze figures show soldiers defending a barricade and other combat participants descending into sewers which were used as passageways during the Uprising.

The New Town's Other Top Sights

The New Town boasts other two attractions making this part of the city well-known to all Varsovians and tourists. The first peculiarity is the tiniest house in the city situated at 1 Dluga Street. This Neo-Classical building, dating back as far as the end of the 18th century, is adjacent to the Church of the Holy Spirit. Though so small (a few square metres in size), the house has its individual number. Nowadays it houses a newsagent\'s. The other attraction of this part of Warsaw is Mostowa Street - the steepest street of the whole city. It used to have a tower at one of its ends which guarded one of the longest bridges in Europe. Hence, the name of the street.

This is not the end of the list presenting the most interesting sights of the New Town. There are more places to be explored by tourists. Come and see for yourself the hidden beauty of this part of Warsaw!


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