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Warsaw - Business-Friendly City

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Warsaw, thanks to its geographical location in the heart of Europe, international transportation connections, a well-developed telecommunication network and stable political standing is an attractive business and commerce centre. As the long-term investment policy is a major strategy in the urban development, during the past few years a lot of enormous investment projects have been developed in Poland's capital, making Warsaw one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. A very high rate of return on the capital invested makes the capital of Poland investor-friendly. Thus, the investment boom can be seen all over Warsaw.

Warsaw BusinessThe construction works of headquarters and representative offices of world-famous commercial, research and business institutions are under way. Thanks to the foreign capital investments, the projects which have been developed in Warsaw since 2002 are worth more than $ 5 billion. Recently nearly 20,000 flat and luxury apartments were built. Other current investment projects under progress include a waste treatment plant construction and the expansion of the underground network. According to the European Cities Monitor, Warsaw is among the top thirty business-friendly cities in Europe.

The major factors the ranking was based on included: easy access to markets, communication links, qualified staff availability, cost and life quality. Of all the cities, Warsaw comes first in terms of low cost of staff and the value for money of office space. As far as the other criteria are concerned, the good thing is Warsaw's ranking position has moved up during the last few years. The other top factors placing Warsaw high on the list are as follows:

  • 3rd best city in terms of the climate the government creates (2004, moved up from the 5th place in 2003)
  • 8th best city in terms of office space availability (2004)
  • 16th best city in terms of qualified staff (2004, moved up from the 26th place in 2003)
  • 20th best city to locate a business today (2004, moved up from 26th place in 2002).

Though there are lots of construction and renovation works in progress in the city, Warsaw has still large plots of land available to investors, especially the grounds close to the Gdanski, Zachodni and Poludniowy Railway Stations, the Palace of Culture and Science, etc. Thus, if you are interested in investing your capital in Warsaw – the business, commercial, historical and cultural centre of Poland, do not hesitate and come to Warsaw.


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Map of Warsaw

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