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Maria Curie Sklodowska - Nobel Prize Winner

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Maria Curie - Sklodowska (1867 - 1934), world-famous chemist and physicist, was born in Warsaw in 1867. In the house at 16 Freta Street (The New Town of Warsaw), in Maria Curie's birthplace, there is a museum dedicated to her. Having been denied access to a regular university, Maria Curie moved to France to study maths and physics at the Sorbonne, the historic university of Paris.

It is here that she did her research in the field of radioactivity and became the first female professor at the Sorbonne. Maria Curie is also renowned as the discoverer of two radioactive elements and the winner of two Nobel Prizes: one in Physics, the other one in Chemistry. She was the first woman to be awarded with the Nobel Prize. In 1932 Maria Curie founded the Radium Institute in Warsaw which after the World War II was transformed into the present-day Maria Curie-Sklodowska Institute of Oncology.

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