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Krzysztof Kieslowski - Polish World-Famous Director

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Krzysztof Kieslowski (1941 – 1996), the world-famous Polish film director and screenwriter, was born in Warsaw. He graduated from the Lodz Film School, the school well-known all over Poland as other prominent directors like Roman Polanski and Andrzej Wajda are among the school graduates.

Kieslowski started his career as a director of documentaries. However, the censorship and the Communist regime did not allow him to present the reality truthfully, which made him become interested in feature films. In the feature film making he hoped to find more artistic freedom. ''Personnel'', the first feature Kieslowski made, won him the first prize at the Manheim Film Festival. Other successes followed.

The film cycles which brought Kieslowski international fame were ''Three Colours'' and ''The Decalogue.'' The former, awarded with prestigious international awards at the Berlin and Venice Film Festivals, is considered as one of major achievements in the modern cinematography.Though Kieslowski died in 1996, he still remains one of the most influential European film directors. He was buried in the Powazki Cemetery in Warsaw.

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