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Tourist attractions near Warsaw

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Do you need a break from the bustle of Warsaw and wish to slow the pace and spent some time in a beautiful environment? Do you feel like watersports, horse riding, cycling, hiking, sailing and other outdoor activities? The Mazovian region welcomes you to explore and enjoy its natural beauty and heritage…

Kampinoski National Park – a great day out in the open

Kampinoski National Park Warsaw
Kampinoski National Park (Kampinoski Park Narodowy) is a national park, situated on the north-west outskirts of Warsaw. Forests (mostly pine forests) constitute about 70 % of the park’s area, there rest are sand dunes and extensive peat-bogs. The park abounds with fauna and flora and is a haven for many protected and endangered species. Its area is also steeped in history. Within its borders are cemeteries and tombs of Poles, who were killed here during anti-Russian uprisings and the Second World War.

The park welcomes visitors, offering over 300 km of walking and cycling trails. There are also car parks and special picnic areas. A narrow-gauge train from the Museum of Narrow-Gauge Railways at Sochaczew takes tourists to the western edge of the Park.

Zegrzynski Lake – soak up the sun!

Zegrzynski Lake (Zalew Zegrzynski) is an artificial lake located about 30 km north of Warsaw. It is one of the most popular summer weekend destinations for Varsovians. By the lake there are numerous hotels, restaurants and recreation centres. It is a perfect place for those who enjoy sailing, fishing and sunbathing! There are numerous rentals offering a wide selection of water equipment for both professionals and amateurs.

One of the attractions is a village of Rynia, located at the lake. It features the Promenada Centre with a Viking settlement called Warownia Jomsborg. During the summer season the centre stages Viking invasion of a Slavic village, battles and rituals.

However, the lake offers great attrations not only in the summer. Some tourist centres are open year-round and watching ice boats on the frozen lake or joining a sleighing party might also be a good idea!

Konstancin-Jeziorna Spa – breathe in healthy air!

Konstancin-Jeziorna spa resort is located only 20 km south of Warsaw. The town boasts a beautiful location amid forests, picture-perfect villages with numerous old river-beds and natural reserves. The spa is renowned for its beneficial microclimate and therapeutic qualities of the thermal springs. One of the main tourist attractions of the town are its unique saline graduation towers located in the park, which are beneficial for the health. Another visitor attraction is a complex of historical villas dating back to the beginning of the 20th century.
The area provides many walking and cycling paths, as well as tourist facilities such as hotels, guest houses, restaurants and cafes.

Palace in Nieborow and Arkadia – history and nature in one

Nieborow palace WarsawLocated about 80 km west of Warsaw, the village of Nieborow features a 17th-century baroque palace which belonged to the Radziwill family – one of the most powerful and influential magnate families in Poland. Tourists can visit period style apartments, a library and an impressive staircase covered with 10,000 Dutch tiles. The residence is surrounded by a vast English landscape park. From the estate visitors can follow a seven kilometer tree alley to get to the romantic park of Arkadia laid out in the 18th century. The park abounds with rare trees and shrubs as well as buildings, temples and aqueducts.

Mazovian Landscape Park – through the primeval forests!

One of the great advantages of Mazovian Landscape Park (Mazowiecki Park Krajobrazowy) is its location on the outskirts of Warsaw. You can get there by city bus no. 125. The park is covered with forest, which is the remaining part of the primeval forest. Within the park there are over 60 monuments of nature, mostly primeval oaks, pine, maple and linden trees.
The area offers numerous walking and cycling trails, which run via touristically attractive towns and villages. On your way through the park visit Otwock, which is a local summer resort known for its beneficial climate due to pine forests. Apart from picturesque location, the town features numerous historical monuments such as an old Spa house, the 19th-century Town Hall, synagogues, the narrow-gauge railway station and German bunkers from WWII.
Mazovian Landscape Park together with Kampinoski National Park and Chojnowski Landscape Park form a green belt around Warsaw.

Zelazowa Wola – Chopin’s birthplace

Within Kampinoski National Park, about 50 km west of Warsaw is Zelazowa Wola – Fryderyk Chopin’s birthplace. In this little village tourists can visit the manor house, where the famous composer was born and spent his childhood. Set amid beautiful parkland, it features the composer’s biographic museum. The manor house holds piano concerts throughout the summer season.

Fortified Gothic church in Brochow

The village of Brochow is located about 60 km west of Warsaw. It features a 16th-century red brick fortified church. It is surrounded by a wall with bastions and a moat. In the church Fryderyk Chopin’s parents got married and later the great composer was baptised.

The historical town of Pultusk

One of the oldest towns in the Mazovian region is Pultusk, located 60 km north of Warsaw. Tourist attractions of this picturesque town include a beautiful 15th-century cathedral, a Gothic Town Hall, historical churches, the remnants of the old town walls as well as the Renaissance horseshoe-shaped castle. The town is believed to have the longest market square in Europe (380 m).

Tracing folk culture...

Within the Mazovian region there are several heritage parks, where visitors can see traditional countryside cottages, agricultural tools, household equipment and clothes. Worth visiting is the Museum of Mazovian Countryside (Muzeum Wsi Mazowieckiej) in Sierpc (130 km from Warsaw), Zagroda Kurpiowska heritage park in Kadzidlo (140 km) as well as a heritage park near Lowicz (80 km).

Modlin Fortress

Located about some 30 km north-west of Warsaw by the confluence of Vistula and Narew rivers, the Modlin fortress is one of the biggest and best preserved 19th-century fortresses in Poland. It comprises a citadel and two rings of forts. The fortress has been besieged four times. It has served as a location for several films. Some of its parts are available for tourists.

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