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Apartment in Warsaw

various location, city center [show on a map]
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noclegi w Krakowie Since 2007 we found accommodation in Warsaw for 3028 people.
Length of stay 1 - 2 persons 3 - 4 persons
1 - 3 days 180zl-200zł 240zł
4 - 6 days 160zl-180zł 220zł
7 days and longer 140zl-160zł 200zł

1-30 Jun 2012r price is 800PLN per day for 1-2 pers. for each another 150PLN.

Discounts for returning customers. 


Our company was founded with our clients’ comfort and satisfaction in mind. Our apartments are the best alternative to hotels – expensive and often stripped of conveniences. Each apartment is an independent and fully equipped unit.

Our apartments are located in Warsaw’s city center – our guests can easily commute to anywhere within the city. There are many restaurants and clubs in the vicinity of our apartments, but our guests can also prepare home-made meals in a fully-equipped kitchen. The shortest reservation period is one day, but our guests are welcome to stay for as long as they like. The longer the stay – the cheaper the price. Keys are provided upon arrival – all we ask of you is to feel at home, or better!


We offer 2-room apartments, one bedroom, spacious studios.

Local attractions:

All our apartments are in the city center so all the city attractions are at your fingertips.

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