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Arriving in Warsaw by Car

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Poland has a poorly developed infrastructure of roads whose quality is a far cry from Western European standards. Fortunately, thanks to the inflow of European Union funds the situation has been improving and by 2009 Warsaw and other major Polish cities like: Wroclaw, Lodz, Poznan, Cracow and Katowice will have an expressway built which will connect them with the expressway network of Western Europe.

Moreover, Warsaw lacks a bypass making the whole traffic pass through the streets of the city. Thus, getting to Warsaw is not as fast as arriving in other capital cities, especially those of Western Europe. Nevertheless, the easiest way of reaching Warsaw is taking the following national roads:

  • No. E77 if coming from the north-west of Poland (Gdansk)
  • No. E67 if travelling from the north-east of Poland (Bialystok/Suwalki)
  • No. E30 if travelling from the west of Poland (Poznan, Slubice)
  • No E67 and E67 if coming from the south-east of Poland (Katowice, Cracow, Wroclaw)
  • No E372 and E30 if travelling from the east of Poland (Siedlce, Terespol).

Polish national roads are identified by the letter E which precedes it.

NOTE: The condition of the roads leaves a lot to be desired. Thus, beware of potholes!

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Map of Warsaw

Map of Warsaw

Warsaw Map | Map of Warsaw Poland

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