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Warsaw want Euro 2012

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Poland and Ukraine aim to jointly host the 2012 European football championships not for national pride alone, but to establish integration of eastern Europe's football. "UEFA has said explicitly that it wants to develop football in the east (of Europe), so our joint bid with Poland is the best choice in this sense," said one football official in Kiev.

The championships have never been staged in the East of the continent, the closest being the 1976 edition in then Yugoslavia.


The Polish and Ukrainian ministries of transport and regional development also plan an expansion of the highway linking Ukraine and Poland with western Europe at a cost of 1.3 billion euros (1.76 billion dollars).

Both countries have a massive popular support to get the event with matches to be played in the Polish cities of Warsaw, Chorzow, Gdansk, Krakow, Poznan and Wroclaw and the Ukraine cities of Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk and Lviv.


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