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Arriving in Warsaw by Car

Poland has a poorly developed infrastructure of roads whose quality is a far cry from Western European standards. Fortunately, thanks to the inflow of European Union funds the situation has been improving and by 2009 Warsaw and other major Polish cities like: Wroclaw, Lodz, Poznan, Cracow and Katowice will have an [...]

Arriving in Warsaw by Coach

More and more coach companies offer connections between Warsaw and other parts of Europe. The major ones are as follows: Veolia EUROLINES Polska offers a wide choice of coach connections between Warsaw and Austria, Belarus, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, [...]

Arriving in Warsaw by Rail

Warsaw offers excellent rail connections with other European cities. Its geographical location in the centre of the country and a well-developed railway network make it possible for tourists to set off from Warsaw on trips to explore the rest of Poland. Warsaw has a few railway stations (Dworzec PKP). The principal [...]

Education Opportunities in Warsaw

Over the past decades, Warsaw is becoming a popular academic city among foreign students, owing to a high level of education and tuitions cheaper than at the Western European universities. Even if you do not know Polish, several Warsaw universities offer courses as well as graduate and postgraduate programmes in English, [...]

Frederic Chopin - Greatest Composer

Frederic Chopin (1810 - 1849), regarded as one of the most prolific piano composers, was born on March 1st, 1810. His birthplace was Zelazowa Wola – a small village located 50 kilometres west of Warsaw. His family house, then a thatched cottage, nowadays a romantic manor surrounded by a picturesque park [...]

Getting around Warsaw by Taxi

Getting around Warsaw by taxi seems to be the most expensive, though, the most comfortable and convenient way of moving around the city. To avoid being overcharged, the best idea is to choose one of the numerous licensed taxi corporations which can be booked by phone. The most famous one is [...]

Getting around Warsaw by Underground

For tourists sightseeing the Old Town and its environs it is advisable to walk as major monuments are situated within a walking distance. As for the attractions situated further from the centre, it is a good idea to use public transport (a bus, a tram, the underground). It is quite well [...]

History of Warsaw

Of all European capitals, Warsaw is one of the youngest ones as it was in the 16th century that Warsaw gained the status of Poland's capital city. The origins of the city go back as far as the 10th century when the earliest settlements are believed to have been established here. [...]

Krzysztof Kieslowski - Polish World-Famous Director

Krzysztof Kieslowski (1941 – 1996), the world-famous Polish film director and screenwriter, was born in Warsaw. He graduated from the Lodz Film School, the school well-known all over Poland as other prominent directors like Roman Polanski and Andrzej Wajda are among the school graduates. Kieslowski started his career as a director [...]

Maria Curie Sklodowska - Nobel Prize Winner

Maria Curie - Sklodowska (1867 - 1934), world-famous chemist and physicist, was born in Warsaw in 1867. In the house at 16 Freta Street (The New Town of Warsaw), in Maria Curie's birthplace, there is a museum dedicated to her. Having been denied access to a regular university, Maria Curie moved [...]

Selected Restaurants in Warsaw

Having spent the whole day walking in the city of Warsaw, it is high time to sample some of the traditional Polish dishes offered by plenty of restaurants. There is also a wide variety of restaurants which specialise in the art of cooking typical of other parts of Europe and the [...]

Spa Hotels in Warsaw

The term Spa is the abbreviation of the Latin “Sanitas per aqua”, which means “health through water”. Spa traditionally refers to a health-resort known for the beneficial influence of its waters and microclimate. Nowadays, even if you cannot go to the mountain or seaside [...]

The Warsaw Ghetto

The Warsaw Ghetto was the largest Jewish ghetto established in 1940 by Nazi Germany. At the beginning its population was about 440,000 people. In spite of the grave hardships, the Warsaw ghetto carried on educational and cultural activities, conducted by underground organizations. More than 100,000 people died in the Ghetto from [...]

The Warsaw Rising 1944

In August 1944, Warsaw was the last major obstacle to the Soviet army's triumphant march from Moscow to Berlin. When the Wehrmacht was pushed back to the Vistula River, the people of Warsaw believed that liberation was at hand. So, too, did the Western leaders. There were many different opinions on [...]

Tips for the Business Visitor Coming to Warsaw

Warsaw is one of the top business cities in Central and Eastern Europe, providing attractive business environment. The city is a hot spot for a large number of foreign investors and it comes top for low cost of staff and best value for money in terms of office space. The investor-friendly [...]

Warsaw - Business-Friendly City

Warsaw, thanks to its geographical location in the heart of Europe, international transportation connections, a well-developed telecommunication network and stable political standing is an attractive business and commerce centre. As the long-term investment policy is a major strategy in the urban development, during the past few years a lot of enormous [...]

Warsaw by Air - Frederic Chopin Airport

Before Poland's entry into the European Union all people coming to Poland by air used to land either at Warsaw Airport (commonly known as Okecie Airport) or at Krakow-Balice Airport (Cracow). Nowadays the situation has changed dramatically. Low-budget airlines started operating in different parts of Poland. Consequently, the cities which are [...]

Warsaw Nightlife and Night Clubs

Warsaw has been successful at recreating its image after the ravages of WWIIand the socialist era. Located at the heart of Europe, this diverse and fast-paced capital city is gradually making its way to become one of European hubs of business, culture and entertainment. Warsaw is a great venue for nightlife [...]

Warsaw shopping

Warsaw shops and shopping centres keep up with the latest fashion trends and they offer great shopping at the European level and competitive prices.   SOUVENIRS   There are many little shops with souvenirs in the streets of the Old Town, where you can buy amber jewellery, little figurines of the [...]

Warsaw weather and average temperature

Poland's climate is influenced by a continental climate from the east and a maritime climate from the west. As the result the weather is changeable, with significant differences from day to day. Winter one year can be almost without snow, whereas another year heavy snows can paralyse transport for days. Summer [...]

Best luxury hotels in Warsaw

You'll find some of the best luxury hotels in Warsaw below. Discover luxury hotel accommodation, spa hotels, golf  and award-winning hotels, where every hotel has its own distinct character and local flavour. Our fine selection of exclusive 3, 4 & 5 star hotels for weekend [...]

Getting around Warsaw by Boat

If visiting Warsaw from May 1st till the end of September, there is an opportunity of going on a cruise along the Vistula River. Starting from 9.30 a.m. the boat goes every ninety minutes. It departs from the quay located near the Slasko-Dabrowski Bridge. More info at: 0 501 020 317, [...]

Getting around Warsaw by Bus

For tourists sightseeing the Old Town and its environs it is advisable to walk as major monuments are situated within a walking distance. As for the attractions situated further from the centre, it is a good idea to use public transport (a bus, a tram, the underground). It is quite well [...]

Getting around Warsaw by Car

While using a private car or one hired from one of the numerous car rentals always drive carefully and beware of potholes. If possible, avoid the peak-hour traffic (i.e. between 7 a.m. – 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.). The traffic is banned from the centres of both the [...]

Getting around Warsaw by Tram

For tourists sightseeing the Old Town and its environs, it is advisable to walk as major monuments are situated within a walking distance. As for the attractions situated further from the centre, it is a good idea to use public transport (a bus, a tram, the underground). It is quite well [...]

Things to do in Warsaw

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Map of Warsaw

Map of Warsaw

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